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Is youPS3 Jailbreak ready?

Will you be able to have PS3 Backups?

Are Emulators Still Possible?

For most users the answers to these questions will be a great bigyes and they will massivly benefit from a Jailbroken PS3. For others it may seem to difficult to achieve and are worried they might loose accerss to their SEN account. . In truth though this is a minor risk when compared to the many benefits. Obviously theres the excellent backup managers which will let you play backups from external USB drives with built in support for cover art and changeable background music. Speaking of customization you will have the ability to modify the boot logo and sound to make your PS3 unique to you. All retro game systems emulated from the SNES to the N64. The N64 still in progress at the time of writing. Media is handled by the excellent open source Showtime media player which can handle all media formats including the abbility to play MKV films!

Direct Link to download

Disclaimer: Also known as here comes the small print. Jailbreaking is a term used in the removal of certain security features of a particular piece of hardware. In most cases this is used as a way to let the user install cusom applications and run so called 'own code'. When the PS3 was first launched it was a long time before anyone got even close to jailbreaking it. More than 3 years in fact. As such it gained a reputation as an unhackable console and so little was thought in how this would affect end users. Then came the big key hack that famously hit all the news programs and websites. Soon after than Sony changed their terms and conditions of both the console and their online network. This means no that if you do jailbreak your PS3 you are invalidating your warrenty. However as the number of newer consoles that are actually still hackable decreases the chances you will be jailbreaking a console under 12 months old are quite slim. But this is something you should be aware of especially if you have any form of extendeded warrenty on your console. Other than that happy jailbreaking and remember not to be tempted to cheat online as that is a sure fire way to get your console banned. Just dont cheat. You will Be fine. Follow all instructions in the jailbreak method carefully and do not skip any steps.